About this blog

This blog is an informal space for our team to share ideas and thoughts around areas of work they’re currently involved with. It allows us to start sharing progress much earlier in the project lifecycle and will hopefully allow others to comment on or contribute to the work we’re doing. We’ll also ¬†post summaries of events we have the opportunity to attend.

For more formal posts about products delivered by us please take a look at our service blog: http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/blog/

About Jisc infoNet

Jisc infoNet aims to be the UK’s leading advisory service for managers in the post-compulsory education sector promoting the effective strategic planning, implementation and management of information and learning technology.

Whether you are a senior manager leading institutional strategy or you are working in the field of systems, processes or e-learning, we have resources that can help you improve the support for, and quality of, learning and teaching in your institution. Our resources are freely available to institutions and individuals in the UK further and higher education sectors via our website.

A core service team work with a range of experts to deliver resources to the sector in line with the service remit and mission. The service is based in Newcastle, hosted by Northumbria University.

Further information is available on our website www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk

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