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Lover of education, technology and productivity methodologies. I'm currently working across a broad range of Jisc initiatives. You can find out more about me here:

Developing a social media strategy?

If you’re looking to develop a social media strategy let me just stop you right there. Don’t. Start off by revisiting what it is your organisation does; look at its vision, mission and strategy. Once you’re clear on that and the way in which your department/faculty/service supports that strategy, only then should you really start … Read more

Reflecting on our communications channels

A while back I wrote a post detailing our approach to communicating service resources. In a nutshell it focuses on the launch and dissemination of our online resources. The process involves developing a launch and dissemination plan and typically involves promoting a resource through social media, email, existing networks, and our service blog. In this … Read more

You’re all flippin’ MaD!

The environment in which you operate, whether that’s as an organisation or an individual, is changing. No matter what sector you’re from, what level in an organisation you work at, or how successful your organisation is, you simply can’t escape it. You can, however, approach change proactively, or as ‘The SUMO Guy’ summarises, “Carpe Diem” … Read more