You’re all flippin’ MaD!

The environment in which you operate, whether that’s as an organisation or an individual, is changing. No matter what sector you’re from, what level in an organisation you work at, or how successful your organisation is, you simply can’t escape it. You can, however, approach change proactively, or as ‘The SUMO Guy’ summarises, “Carpe Diem” (seize the day).

At Jisc, we’re constantly grappling with the concept of change. It’s inherent in implementing/adopting technology. Ultimately it’s about people and that’s certainly the focus of our advice in trying to manage change. We focus less on strategies for individuals dealing/coping with change which is why a recent free SUMO workshop, taking place nearby, caught our attention.

SUMO has two meanings. Shut Up and Move On, which I actually think gives off quite negative connotations because it doesn’t translate literally to the thinking behind the model. I much prefer the second meaning, which is Stop, Understand, Move On. In my mind I broke those up into two stages:

  1. Stop, Understand—get off autopilot and take your head from out of the sand. Try to understand the environment in which you’re working, consider whether or not you need to change anything and work out what your options are

  2. Move On—decide how you will respond to changes in the environment and remember you have a choice

It would be wrong of me to try and write up Paul McGee’s (The SUMO Guy) full talk because I simply wouldn’t do it justice but I’m certainly going to read his book(s) and would urge others to do the same. I suspect there are some very practical hints and tips for dealing with change and life in general. Just remember one thing, “you’re all flippin’ MaD… Making a Difference!